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We’ve gotten all sorts of great responses about our show! Here are just a few, thanks for watching and making us the Best High School Sports Show in Oklahoma!!

I just wanted to tell you how wonderfull your program is. Giving the young athlets the recogization you do means so much to them!!! Although I favor wrestling, the coverage of all the sports you do is amazing and as you did us, I’m sure you have made so many of these kids feel proud and important. No matter if they are ranked 1, 3, 5 or 10, you are giving these athletes something to smile about and makning them feel that all the hard work they do is worth it!! I cant tell you how much I appriciat the time and effort you put in just so all the young athletes can gain this attention!

Thank You!
Del City, OK

I would like to take a moment to send a big THANK YOU!!!! My> grandfather that recently passed (a couple of yrs ago) was the founder of the> great Geary Invitational Wrestling Tournament. I greatly appreciate the nod to “the Geary” from your program. Thanks Again !!!

Geary, OK

Van Shea,

Your show is great! We are excited for you! Good luck on your program. I think its great for all the high schools ! You sure get alot covered in 30 min. It’s fun to see the kids and hear about their accomplishments.

Pond Creek, OK

Hey Van Shea
I just saw your program last night and I really appreciate the interest in coverage of Oklahoma High School Athletes. I was very impressed with the show. I coach football, wrestling, and track at Norman High School and know how important it is for the kids to get some recognition and/or exposure. You are doing a great job! Keep up the great work!

Norman, OK

Saw your show last night on the Christian Schools state tournament. Thanks so much for the coverage! It was exciting for the kids in the OCSAA to get some coverage.


Hi Van Shea! I watched the show last night. Great job as usual. By the way, I think that it is great that you include an FCA segment. Hopefully that will insipre more kids to look into it!

Edmond, OK

I was very impressed with your coverage of the high school sports and especially the girls. I did not know about the show until last week but plan on watching every week. We are appreciative of any coverage that you give the girls. GOOD JOB!

Moore, OK

Van Shea,
I want to thank you for your presentation of High School Athletics in Oklahoma. After my son competed in the State Tennis Championships this year, I started looking at the coverage given high school athletics with the local media. They never gave the coverage that you did. Thank you for your high school sports reports. Other television stations in the state could learn from your example.


I am glad to see oklahoma high schoool sports get it’s own tv show. I watched the show that aired last week. All I really want to say is thanks for recognizing Oklahoma high school sports.


Last night was the first time I had seen the show and it was first rate!! Keep it up.

Enid, OK

I’m a coach at Norman High School and I think it’s great what you do with covering high school sports.

Norman, OK

I think the program you are doing is great.

Michael and Taylor
Edmond, OK

I taped your show from last week — it was excellent.
Best of luck, too, this fall and winter. I’ve long admired your enthusiasm for high school sports in our great state.

Edmond, OK

Van Shea, thanks for all you do as it relates to High School athletic.


Just wanted to tell you I really enjoy the show. Nice to see quality coverage of High School Sports. Keep up the good work !

Ponca City, OK

Van Shea,
Thanks for such a great story. We couldnĀ¹t be more pleased with your coverage!


Van Shae
Watched the program the other night. You made us look good. Thanks for not only covering high school sports, but being the only one to cover the smaller schools.

NW Oklahoma

Van Shea, Thanks so much for coming to Enid High today. We really appreciate all the coverage you have given the Plainsmen and Pacers.

Enid, OK

We wanted to tell you that you’re doing a great job with your show! You are doing amazing things/ I love the outlook of your stories, they are always so uplifting! Thanks for doing this for our high school kids!

Julie and Sherwood
Norman, OK

My two sons watch your show every Sunday night. I lead a Bible study then so I have to tape it. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your positive approach to high school sports.

Guthrie, OK

Mr. Iven,
Congratulations on a great show and a great concept. Your coverage of the state softball championships was outstanding and will now be memorialized for life for these girls !

Midwest City, OK

Dear Mr. Iven:
Thank you for coming out to Putnam City North to film my segment for the McDonald’s Scholar-Athlete of the Week. It was a neat experience to be able to watch myself on TV and I would like to thank you for recognizing so many high school athletes and organizations. I find it neat that while you have covered hundreds of games in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NCAA, among others, you are taking the time to commit to your real passion, Oklahoma high school sports. I look forward to watching your show and learning more about fellow athletes from across the state.

Matt Deimund
Putnam City North High School

Mr. Iven:
You do a fantastic job….your enthusiasm is contagious. (I especially liked the segments on cross country and field hockey–they were great)!!


You are doing wonderful things to increase awareness of high school sports as well as integrating sports with human interest stories.


We really love watching your show. High school sports are so important and you do a really good job of covering everything.

Rick and Denise
NW Oklahoma

I applaud what you are doing for high school sports coverage and we will continue to TIVO the show every week – there’s always at least one kid or coach on that we’re familiar with!

Cashion, OK

Just wanted to thank you for coming out and filming some of the Glencoe vs. Coyle game. It gives our community and school so much pride to see an actual television camera inside our gym. I sure appreciated the coverage

Head Coach of Glencoe Panthers
Talby Justus

Your show does an excellent job of highlighting all the wonderful, good athletes in high school sports. I appreciate your different and refreshing reporting. Thanks for showcasing all the wonderful kids competing in high school athletics. You do a marvelous job.

Harrah, OK

Hi! I watched the show tonight and it was awesome!

Norman, OK

I absolutely love the show, big fan of it.

Weatherford, OK

Hey Van Shea,
Thanks for the great coverage of the 5 A Lady softball coverage. Great job! Keep up the great work you do for Okla. high school sports. I really like to hear positive things and your show is a home run !!!

Prague, OK

Thanks, Van Shea, again for your coverage of the Del City Special Eagles for Special Olympics. You were so kind to come and help make these athletes’ trip even more special! Thank you!

Del City, OK

Congratulations, Van Shea, for another year of OHSSE, delivering the most complete coverage possible of all those great high school sports and athletes. Your show is a great showcase for those fine young people. I look forward to August when you start again.

Harrah, OK

Mr. Van Shea Iven,
Your show is outstanding and I so very much appreciate you highlighting our Oklahoma high school students who are doing positive things. I’m sure I speak for other parents when I say we are very likely more excited than our children to see their talents showcased. I would like to order a copy of the May 20th show where you did an excellent job of showcasing my son, Alonzo James.

Exceeding thanks and much success to you!

Thank you for the job that you are doing for recognition of high school kids.

Weatherford, OK

Thank you for the show that you do!!! It is a blessing to the kids who work so hard.

Bethel, OK

Thanks, you don’t know how much I appreciate all you do for high school athletes. You’re the best.

Pauls Valley, OK

Your show is great! We really appreciate all that you do for high school sports. We never miss an episode of the Express!!!

Ringwood, OK

Thank you for continued efforts in promoting high school sports in the state of Oklahoma.

Coyle, OK

Van Shea, The show was great. We really appreciate you coming to the game. You are one of the few people who actually give the Christian schools some publicity.

Thanks again,
Norman, OK

Van Shea Iven,
As the parent of a Perry wrestler, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your show and the coverage that it provides. Too me, wining state in any sport is a big deal and certainly should be covered, no matter what sport it is. We have watched the local stations in the past (after the wrestling state tournament) and at best we get 30 seconds to cover four classes. I appreciate all that you are doing to cover high school sports and to give those athletes the kudos that they deserve.

Keep up the good work.
Thanks again,
Perry, OK

Thanks for covering the small schools state basketball tourneys….we loved the show!! While others ingnored it, we knew we could count on you.

Loyal, OK

Keep doing a great job with the Express !!!

Stillwater, OK

Just wanted to say that I think what you do for high school sports is amazing!! Just watched your show ending the winter sports and still dont know how you are able to cover so many stories! Can’t wait till next wrestling season. Thank you once again for letting all the high school athletes shine!

El Reno, OK

Thanks for your wonderful report on the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championships! It really is a great event for sports and commerce. Is it possible to get a DVD of the program? Keep up the wonderful work !!!


I want to thank you for the terrific job you did covering the Class A and B Basketball Championships. I also want to especially thank you for the footage and interview of my son you put on your show. Of course, I am a little prejudice but I think Drew did a very good job with his interview with you. Thanks for giving him and the other small school players some exposure. I also enjoyed reading the article about you in this past week\’s Enid paper. Man you put in a lot of long hard hours, even more than I would have ever imagined. Keep up the good work. Drew is my last son, so I am done with HS sports after this season as a parent but I have a niece and nephew still in school and look forward to following small school sports with you and your show. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Thanks again,
Okeene, OK

Van Shea- a big thank you for filming both area home school basketball teams in tournaments recently. Is is possible to purcghase a dvd of the OKC Broncos Girls Jr. Varsity game filmed at the old Adams Course Gym in Edmond? My daughter would love a copy for her birthday this weekend, and she hasn’t seen the show?


Van Shea,
It was good meeting you today…I really appreciate what you do for HS sports in the area…it means so much to kids and coaches.


Dear Van Shea,
Thank you for the great coverage on your show last Sunday. You did a wonderful job, and our kids were really thrilled with the spot.

Your kind words about our program are appreciated.
Norman, OK

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